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You Can Take the Girl Out of New York . . .

2012 September 14
by MushBrain

So yesterday I was lamenting the fact that my family is losing yet another connection to our New York roots now that my sister has also relocated to Louisville. Well, right on cue, Lilly has set my mind at ease. In addition to the fact that her cousins’ New York accents seem to be rubbing off on her more than the Kentucky accent is rubbing off on them, she really drove home the fact that being a New Yorker is in the blood today.

I heated up some pizza for lunch this afternoon. (Sadly, it was plain, old, supermarket frozen pizza.) I sat down with Lilly to eat it and, with no prompting whatsoever, Lilly picked up her slice, folded it, held it up to me and said, “This is the way I eat my pizza.” I laughed out loud, recalling the post that I wrote just yesterday on this very topic.

“That’s very good! That’s how I eat pizza too!”

Then she melted my heart. She proudly took a bite of her folded pizza, smiled and said, “This is how Fanellis eat pizza.”

I smiled proudly and said, “Yup. Because that’s how New Yorkers eat pizza.”


She’s doing just fine. I’ll sleep well tonight.

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