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Chapter 2

2011 June 1
by MushBrain

Yikes! Has it really been almost a month since that last post?! Sorry!

I try. I can give you tons of excuses but I knew it was slipping away from me these last couple weeks. (The calendar in front of me is not-so-subtly correcting me — the last few weeks.) Really, my apologies.

Alas, I do have one genuine explanation.

See, the problem with using your life as source material for blog posts is that occasionally — just occasionally — I don’t want to share every detail of my life. Topics that air other people’s dirty laundry, that may hurt people close to me, that reveal too much real-time info about my home life and other information that I hold near and dear for a variety of reasons are just off-limits.

And without violating the aforementioned rule, I can tell you that the last month or so has been the perfect storm, leaving me with much on my plate, but little to discuss publicly. Sorry for the air of mystery. It’s all I got.

Except this. My one true explanation. Call it an occupational hazard. I call it . . . mushbrain.

I can already hear disgruntled readers:

Enough with the mushbrain excuse!

For crying out loud, you had your baby almost 3 years ago!

It’s not a permanent condition, ya know?!

And to that I say: Jeez! Give me a minute to explain!

You are right. It is not a permanent condition and if I wish to have any of my thoughts and opinions taken seriously, I can’t dismiss myself as a mushbrain for my entire post-baby life.

I did, however, notice an inability to think as clearly and to form full sentences when I first became pregnant with Lilly. For the 41.5 weeks of that pregnancy, I was, indeed, mushbrained. And while that cloud I was walking around in hung with me for several months after her birth, it did wear off in time. But, what I’m trying to say now is that I’m officially 18 weeks mushbrained!

Baby #2 is on the way! So while there may be little gaps between posts going forward. Rest assured it is only because when I sit down at my desk to type, my brain is a vast wasteland of nothing. Or at least nothing original.

[True story: Last week, every time I tried to write a post, all I could think of was SNL’s Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy (“Lori got offended when I used the word ‘puke.’ But to me, that’s what her dinner tasted like.”) I don’t know why. Hormones work in mysterious ways.]

Bottomline: It’s not easy having mush for brains. But now that I’ve gone public, I will be bringing you more tales of motherhood, even more tales of pregnant motherhood, and if all goes well, new tales of ¬†motherhood with a toddler and newborn…coming this Fall.

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