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Precious Gems

2011 August 22
by MushBrain

Despite the frustrations of daily life with a two or three-year old, I think this really is one of the best ages for a parent. (Granted my experience with other ages is quite limited.) Sure, the tantrums, the whining, the rebellion and the inability to really moderate any emotions wears on you hour after hour. But in between those patience-testing episodes, there are precious gems: spontaneous declarations of love; the best hugs and kisses ever; pure unadulterated giggles; and hilarious comments and observations. If I could somehow figure out how to capture and share those first three, I’d be a rich woman. And I’m not. So, in the meantime, here are some of Lilly’s remarks from the last couple months that still make me laugh every time I think of them.

During the peak of my morning sickness:

“One day I’ll have a baby in my belly so I can throw up in the toilet.”

Unable to feel the baby kicking in my belly:

“I think the baby ran out of batteries or something.”

To our kitchen contractor:

“That’s a cute little ladder ya got there.”

Reviewing the birds and the bees:

“Girls have vaginas. Boys have peanuts.”

“Reading” my daily planner:

“This book is terrible!”

After several days of a stomach virus:

“I have no diarrhea poop. I have no plain poop. I’m all out of poop.”

Declining to hold my hand down the stairs on her 3rd birthday:

“I don’t need help. I needed help when I was 2 years old. Now I’m 3.”

Called from bed at 6 a.m., apropos nothing, and followed by silence:

“Uh-oooh . . . Pasghetti’Os!”

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