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A T. Rex by Any Other Name…

2011 October 18

Much as we’ve enjoyed calling our little boy “T. Rex” while he’s in utero, we do realize that he will eventually have a “real” name. The question, however, has been whether Lilly realized this too.

So, we’ve spent a little time explaining the concept of nicknames to Lilly. There’s going to be enough change for her when we introduce her little brother. I don’t need any meltdowns because people are no longer calling him T. Rex.

She seemed to get it: T. Rex = nickname.

Now her question, not surprisingly, is “what is his other name?” I feel a little bad keeping the answer from Lilly since she is an important member of our immediate family. But I’m also no dummy. One leak to Lilly and I might as well post it as my facebook status because everyone will know within minutes.

So, Elliott and I decided to turn the question around on her last time it came up and asked what she thinks his other name should be.

“I can’t get past T. Rex.”

I thought that was a reasonable, if not eloquent, response from a 3 year old. But I was still curious, so I pushed on.

“T. Rex is a good nickname and you can keep calling him that no matter what his name is. But he needs another name that he can use at school and with other people. What do you think would be a good name for him to have at school?”

“Superhero! No, Batman! No, Superhero Batman!”

Considering that Elliott got as giddy as a school boy when he heard her response, I think she answered my question appropriately. But I may have to revisit the nickname discussion…with both of them.

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  1. joan permalink
    October 19, 2011

    Lilly picks the BEST names!!!

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