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The Final Countdown

2011 October 23

Lilly is nestled, snug in her bed at Grammy’s house. The Nut is no doubt proving that she is the loudest snoring dog at her doggie resort. I’m minutes away from my late night snack that will get me through my morning fast leading up to my C-section. And Elliott and I are enjoying what is likely to be the last bit of peace and quiet we will have for, well, years.

In short, this is my last post before we become a family of 4.

It’s kind of impossible to articulate how I’m feeling right now. I’m less than 12 hours away from major abdominal surgery, which if all goes well, will leave me at the crest of an emotional roller coaster with a healthy baby boy, a proud husband, a sweet little girl, who will be an amazing big sister, a stapled incision and more than my fair share of happiness.

Wrap that thought up with physical discomfort and exhaustion, excited anticipation, anxiety about being away from Lilly and undergoing surgery; sprinkle with some wishful thinking, and voila! You have some idea of what is running through my mind with every passing second.

And somehow I’m supposed to get sleep tonight. Wish me luck!

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