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The World According to Lilly

2012 June 26
by MushBrain

Believe it or not, I’ve been writing a lot lately. I have a series of posts queued up to publish on future dates for your reading pleasure. But since I don’t like posting certain things in real time, today I’ll give you a short list of recent (and random) Lilly-isms to read for now:

1. [in the car] “Watch out for deer. You shouldn’t hurt deer because they’re really cute and gentle. Not like bees. They never bite or sting. They just smile.” (And we won’t be watching Bambi anytime soon…)

2. [In the car, with training from Elliott] “Hold on! Mommy’s driving crazy again!” (I promise, I was not.)

3. “I call Henry ‘buddy’ because he’s my buddy. And also a butt.” (She’s growing into her role as big sister nicely.)

4. [Feeding Henry] “Vrooom! Here comes the plane. Open your hole!”

5. [Upon trying her new My Little Pony toothpaste for the first time]: “Mmmm! Tastes like ponies!”

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