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Mirror, Mirror

2012 January 4

They say that babies Henry’s age aren’t even aware that they are separate human beings from their mothers. I can’t remember exactly when that happens, it takes at least months, if I remember correctly. But I can guarantee you they know this by the time a child reaches Lilly’s age. Perhaps a little too well.

The other day Lilly was playing with our temporal scanner thermometer. She was pretending it was a magic mirror à la Snow White, but I wasn’t aware of that at first. We had this conversation:

LILLY: Here, Mom, look into this. What do you see?

ME: [Not sure what we were pretending yet]: Hm, I don’t know. What do you see?

LILLY: I see a strong, beautiful, young woman. . .

ME: How nice!

LILLY: and you!

ME: Oh.

LILLY: Noooo – it’s you, Mommy!

ME: Aw, thank you, Lilly!

LILLY: Just kidding!

ME: Oh.

Ouch. I admit it. That one stung a bit.

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